Ardent Window Manager

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Ardent Window Manager
AWM-Ardent Window Manager-Feb-2016.png
AWM desktop
Developer(s)Jordan Hubbard
Stable release
2pl9 / February 8, 1989; 33 years ago (1989-02-08)
Written inC
Operating systemUnix Unix-like
TypeWindow manager

In computing, the Ardent Window Manager (awm) is an early window manager software for the X Window System. It was descended from uwm.

awm was written by Jordan Hubbard for the Ardent Computer Corporation's TITAN line of workstations in 1988, which ran a version of X11R2. It was included on the X11R3 contrib tape.

The FAQ for the Usenet newsgroup says: The Ardent Window Manager was for a while a hotbed for hackers and offered some features (dynamic menus) not found on more current window managers.


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