Ardenwald-Johnson Creek, Portland, Oregon

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Ardenwald-Johnson Creek
Ardenwald-Johnson Creek is located in Portland, Oregon
Ardenwald-Johnson Creek
Ardenwald-Johnson Creek
Coordinates: 45°27′19″N 122°37′47″W / 45.4554°N 122.6298°W / 45.4554; -122.6298Coordinates: 45°27′19″N 122°37′47″W / 45.4554°N 122.6298°W / 45.4554; -122.6298
Country United States
State Oregon
City Portland
 • Association Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association
 • Coalition Southeast Uplift Neighborhood Program

Ardenwald-Johnson Creek (also called simply Ardenwald) is a neighborhood straddling the border between Portland (and Multnomah County) and Milwaukie (and Clackamas County), Oregon. It is recognized by both Portland's Office of Neighborhood Involvement as well as Milwaukie's Neighborhoods Program.

Ardenwald was named in 1888 for Arden M. Rockwood, whose father platted the community.[2] The last syllable of Rockwood is rendered in German and spliced onto the first name.[2][3]

The Tideman Johnson Natural Area (1940) is located along Johnson Creek in Ardenwald.


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