Ardeshir Mohasses

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Ardeshir Mohasses
by Ardeshir Mohasses

Ardeshir Mohasses (also spelt Ardashir Mohases, Persian: اردشير محصص ‎‎, 9 September 1938 in Rasht – 9 October 2008[1] in New York[1]) was an Iranian illustrator and cartoonist, residing in New York.[1]


He was born in Rasht and was brought up in Lahijan. His parents were from rich families of Lahijan. He graduated from Tehran University in 1962 with a degree in political science.[1] Since becoming an illustrator and cartoonist for Kayhan and other local periodicals in 1963, he has held several one-man exhibitions in Tehran. He is buried in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York.[2]

Selected bibliography[edit]

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Personal life[edit]

Mohasses was a cousin of Bahman Mohasses, dubbed by some as the "Persian Picasso", Iranian painter, sculptor, translator, and theatre director.


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