Ardis Fagerholm

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Birth name Ardis Hemezida Fagerholm
Born (1971-03-08) March 8, 1971 (age 46)
Genres Pop
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1993–1998
Labels Stockholm Records

Ardis Fagerholm, born 8 March 1971, is a Swedish pop singer.


At the age of thirteen Ardis moved from the West Indian island Dominica to settle down in Sweden. Growing up on Motown and gospel-influenced American music, Ardis started writing songs and lyrics.

In 1991 the American singer/arranger, Jon Berger, teamed with Ardis' to record her first demo.

In 1992 Stockholm Records signed Ardis kicking her musical career into high gear. A collaboration with producer Anders Hansson which resulted in the debut album Love Addict in 1994.[1] The Swedish audience first got acquainted with Ardis after the release of her version of the classic "Ain't Nobody's Business". However, Ardis' big break was "Shotgun", a song which was chosen as the theme on the soundtrack to the film Vendetta. "Shotgun"[2] became Ardis' second hit single and her break through in the charts.[3][4]

The album Love Addict was released at the end of 1994. All songs on the album were written by Ardis, with the exception of "Ain't Nobody's Business".[5] The album went gold shortly after its release and Ardis was nominated for a Grammis, the Swedish equivalent of the Grammy Awards. A tour started in late '94 and continued in to '95. The extensive tour gave audiences the opportunity to get familiar with the stage personality of Ardis, a personality that caught the fascination of the Swedish media. Her vibrant live performances and quiet lifestyle became fuel for further interest and mystique around Ardis.

In September 1996 Ardis released a single, "Dirty",[6] taken from the album Woman,[7] which was released in October. Every song on Woman has Ardis' signature on the songwriting credit. The production work is, as on Love Addict, done by Anders Hansson.[8] However, this time no less than four producers were involved. About Woman, Ardis said that "The songs are more varied and connected".

In 1998 Ardis released a single "No Man's Land" which was a soundtrack to the film Hamilton.[9][10] After that film track, she withdrew from the public eye and only appeared as a guest vocalist on Commonly Unique with The Real Group[11][12] in 2000 and Merit Hemmingsons album En Plats I Skogen in 2002.[13]


  • Love Addict 1994
  • Woman 1996


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