Ardit Gjebrea

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Ardit Gjebrea
Ardit Gjebrea KM2009.jpg
Ardit Gjebrea at Kënga Magjike 2009
Born (1963-06-07) 7 June 1963 (age 54)
Gjirokaster, Albania
Nationality Albanian
Known for Singer, songwriter, producer, host, showman

Ardit Gjebrea (born 7 July 1963) is an Albanian singer, songwriter, producer and television presenter.

Career as a Singer/Composer[edit]

Born in Tirana, Albania, he began singing at the age of five. He continued to sing in the Children's Festivals, and is known for songs like "I ëmbël zëri i gjyshës", "Kur kendoj per ty moj nënë" and "Ballë për pionierin dëshmor".

On 17 December 1991, he made a breakthrough in his career, when he won the Festivali i Këngës në RTSH prize with the song "Jon".[1] In 1995, he won the same prize with his song "Eja".

Ardit has released three albums in his career, beginning with the eponymous 'Ardit Gjebrea' in 1992. In 1997 he launched "Projekt Jon", the best-selling album in Albania. "Projekt Jon" showcased Gjebrea's artistic range as he merged influences of Albanian traditional music, Ballkanic and Mediterranean sounds and instruments as well as recent trends in international music. His 2004 release "Ja ku jam", an album mostly covered in Gjebrea's musical translations of inner wandering, sentimental and melancholic moods, and rock&pop hits.

While no official data exists, Ardit Gjebrea is allegedly the highest selling singer in Albania. As a singer/song-writer he has held some 250 concerts, in Albania, as well as memorable performances in USA, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Italy, Belgium and China.

Career as a presenter and producer[edit]

During his career, he has presented and produced several TV shows including the famous TeleBingo, several editions of the yearly Miss & Mister Albania, Dua me shume Shqiperine, Rokoloko, Krishtlindje ne Tirane etc. In 1996 he was host of the Miss Europe Contest, held that year in Albania. In 2007 Gjebrea hosted the 19th edition of the 'Miss Model of the World' contest held in China.

Kenga Magjike[edit]

Every year, in a process starting in June and ending in November, Ardit Gjebrea, through his production house JonMusic and in cooperation with KLAN Television produces and finalizes Kënga Magjike, a festival of the contemporary music for artists from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro. The first Kenga Magjike was held in 1999, and the last edition took place in November 2016. Kenga Magjike is broadcast live in Albania by Klan TV, Ora News and STV, in Kosovo by RTV21, in Macedonia by Alsat and across the Balkans by the Bugarian network Ballkanika Music Television.

E Diela Shqiptare[edit]

Since 2008, Ardit Gjebrea is the producer and host of E Diela Shqiptare (Albanian Sunday), a Sunday afternoon show that has become the favourite program of the weekend for Albanians. E Diela Shqiptare includes debates, ballet, live music, performances, guests, sport results, games etc. E Diela Shqiptare is broadcast live on Klan TV from 14.00 PM - 19.30 PM.

“The Albanian Sunday”, the most popular programme for all the Albanian families, every Sunday afternoon. The most ambitious television project that captures the most expansive airtime in the history of Albanian television, a gigantic structure which demands a staff almost as big as a small-level TV channel. “The Albanian Sunday” is a program that encompasses a marathon airtime of 6 hours of live transmission. Ardit Gjebrea on TV Klan presents a TV spectacle that is breaking and setting new records of audience and duration.

Structure: The show starts with Pro & Kunder -, with four VIP guests debating pros & cons of different topics of sociology, philosophy, economy, art, culture, as well as input from the in-studio public or callers from homes.

VIP in the Kitchen – the four VIP guests, having concluded the debate, pass on into a live cooking contest. Offering a new side of their character and personality, politicians, singers, sportsmen, actors and other VIP of the Albanian society cook different receipts in the studio of the Albanian Sunday.

Music – the best singers from Albania and Kosovo perform live, accompanied by the orchestra of maestro Shpëtim Saraçi.

Albanian Telebingo – a weekly national lottery, with live in-studio draws and surprise calls to viewers offering prizes.

Ballet – performances from the ballet troupe of choreographer Albi Nako.

The Interview - The most important and interesting individuals in Albania appear live in the studio of ‘The Albanian Sunday” in a face-to-face interview with host Ardit Gjebrea.

The Sunday Couple – A 2-month competition between 10 couples, who undergo a very interesting competitive process, which shall be concluded with the winner gaining a brand new apartment in the Albanian seaside. The public present in the show votes for the most favorite couple, thus deciding on the winner. Couples undergo several tests and games, displaying their character, charisma, humor and values of their relationship. Parents, grandparents, young couples and even just-married ones have been part of this competition. Apart from questions that try to display how well couples know each other, they also undergo artistic tests, or quizzes and games.

Awards and Nominations[edit]

Festivali i Këngës

Year Nominee/work Award Result
1991 "Jon" First Place Won
1995 "Eja" First Place Won
2000 "Ante i tokes sime" First Place/As Producer Won
2009 "Nuk mundem pa ty" First Place/As Producer and Writer Won

Kult Awards

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2005 "Ja ku jam" Album of the Year Won


Year Nominee/work Award Result
2004 "Ja ku jam" Best Male Video Won
The Most Popular Video Won

Zhurma Show Awards

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2004 "Ja ku jam" Best Song Won
Best Album Nominated

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