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Ardpatrick (Irish: Ard Pádraig, meaning "Patrick's height") is a small village in Limerick, Ireland. It lies at the foot of the north slopes of the Ballyhoura Mountains, on the edge of the Golden Vale. It had a population of about 70.[1]

It was anciently known as Tulach na Féinne [Hill of the Fianna].[2]

On the hill above the village is the site of a 5th-century monastery and round tower or cloictheach, now in ruins. Legend tells of a peal of 7 silver bells which once hung in the tower. The monastery was reputedly founded by St.Patrick himself and is surrounded by earthworks probably far more ancient.[citation needed] From the hill can be seen Castle Oliver, a 19th-century mansion built by the Oliver Gascoignes, an Anglo-Irish family. Its fine stained glass windows, which feature the life of St.Patrick, have recently been restored.It eas formerly joined with neighboring parish Kilfinane

About an hour from both Cork and Shannon airports, the village comprises a small number of houses around the parish church. At the south end of the village is a memorial garden and tourist information. Each summer there is a 3-day Festival na Fianna. The Greenwood, just to the south of the village gives access to walking trails across thousands of acres of countryside.

Common surnames in Ardpatrick[edit]

According to Irish Census 1901 & 1911.

Murphy, O’Sullivan, McCarthy, O’Connell, Walsh, Ryan, Barrett, Fitzgerald, Hayes, Sullivan, Carroll, Dunworth, O’Donnell, O’Shea, Clery, Lyons, O’Brien, Bourke, Connell, Quillinan, Tobin, Treacy, Burke, McGrath, O’Leary.

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Coordinates: 52°21′N 8°32′W / 52.350°N 8.533°W / 52.350; -8.533