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Orion map showing Ardra

Ardra is the name of a nakṣatra in Hindu astrology, the sixth depending on numbering scheme used. The Sanskrit name Ārdrā translates to "green" or "the moist one". It is associated with the star Betelgeuse (α Ori).[1] The Ardra nakshatra extends from 06 degrees 40 minutes to 20 degrees 00 minutes of Mithun (Gemini).[citation needed]

The Hindu myth associated to Ardra is that of Tārakā. Tārakā is an asura who is granted invulnerability by Brahma.[2]

The presiding deity is Rudra, its symbol is a teardrop, the ruling planet is Rahu.[citation needed] In Tamil and Malayalam, Ardra is referred to as Tiruvātirai and Tiruvātira respectively.[citation needed]

Ardra :- It lies completely in Gemini and the ruling planet is Rahu, hence it is a Mercury+Rahu combination. It can be considered as the combination of intellectual feeling with passionate thinking. The deity is ‘Rudra’, the God of destruction and it renders this quality in the native. ‘Ardra’ means moist or wet. It is symbolized as a teardrop. As Rahu is the ruling planet the darker side of keen desire of materialism, causing troubles for others. Thunder power can make a person violent by nature. It is also a week in which according to the Hindu custom, ladies in certain religious North Indian households prepare lavish food which has dal-bhari-poori (chana dal, a pulse, stuffed chapati), kheer (i.e. of rice), and a sabzi (a gravy dish) to its menu along with mangoes, a seasonal fruit to enjoy it completely.

Naming principle: Names of children born with Ascendant/Lagna nakshatra should start with syllables Ku, Kam, Ja, Cha, Gha, Da, Na, Jha

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