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Looking south over Loch Melfort from the Loch Melfort Hotel, Arduaine

Arduaine (Gaelic: An Àird Uaine) (pronounced "Ard oo an-ye") is a village in Argyll and Bute, Scotland.(Aird=promontory or headland. Uaine=green/fertile)

Arduaine is a most characterful tiny hamlet just south of Kilmelford. On the reef just outlying, it has very good, classic Scottish diving, with scallops, lobster and many local Melfort prawns and "Squat" lobsters.

From a small pier the holiday cottages on the Island of Shuna are kept supplied during the holiday season.

Arduaine is home to the famous Arduaine Gardens.

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Coordinates: 56°14′11″N 5°32′32″W / 56.23639°N 5.54222°W / 56.23639; -5.54222