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This article is about the small borough in Are Parish, Pärnu County. For village in Pöide Parish, Saare County, see Are, Saare County.
Small borough
Are is located in Estonia
Location in Estonia
Coordinates: 58°31′28″N 24°33′39″E / 58.52444°N 24.56083°E / 58.52444; 24.56083Coordinates: 58°31′28″N 24°33′39″E / 58.52444°N 24.56083°E / 58.52444; 24.56083
Country  Estonia
County Pärnumaa lipp.svg Pärnu County
Municipality EE 09 Are fl.png Are Parish
 • Total ~1,300

Are is a small borough (Estonian: alevik) in Pärnu County, southwestern Estonia. It is the administrative centre of Are Parish. Are has a population of 440.[1]


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