Arebhashe dialect

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Native to India
Region Kodagu, Dakshina Kannada Kasaragodu
Ethnicity Gowda
Native speakers
400,000[1] (2011)
Kannada script
Language codes
ISO 639-3

Arebhashe is a dialect of Hale Kannada and Tulu languages. It is spoken by more than 400,000[1] people, particularly Hindus in the Gowda[2] community in the regions of Kodagu and Sullia of Dakshina Kannada in the Indian state of Karnataka..


Linguists[3] have suggested that the word Arebhashe means 'half-tongue,' from the Arebhashe word "a're" meaning "half" and bhashe, meaning "speech." Arebhashe pronunciation and accent are distinct from Kannada.


Arebhashe is written in the Kannada script.[4]The Arebhashe dialect is believed to have originated during the transformation of Hale Kannada to Hosa Kannada, and according to some historians the dialect may be five-hundred years old.[5][better source needed]

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