Are You Hung Up?

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"Are You Hung Up?"
Song by The Mothers of Invention
from the album We're Only in It for the Money
ReleasedMarch 4, 1968
RecordedFebruary 1967, Capitol, LA
Aug-Sept 1967, Mayfair, NYC
October 1967, Apostolic, NYC
GenreMusique concrète, experimental rock
Songwriter(s)Frank Zappa
Producer(s)Frank Zappa

"Are You Hung Up?" is the opening track on the 1968 album We're Only in It for the Money by The Mothers of Invention.

Song structure[edit]

"Are You Hung Up?" is a short montage of dialogue and musique concrète, lasting 1 minute and 24 seconds. It includes stuttering hippie vocals by Eric Clapton, "Uh, out of sight. Are, are you hung up?", engineer Gary Kellgren whispering about Frank Zappa's mighty, omniscient presence in the control room, a brief guitar lick and Jimmy Carl Black saying "Hi, boys and girls, I'm Jimmy Carl Black and I'm the Indian of the group" and then laughing. Black's statement, a catchphrase used frequently by him in concert[citation needed], is also used on the song "Concentration Moon" and resurfaces on later recordings by the Mothers of Invention.[clarification needed]

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