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Are You The Next Big Star?
Created by Alta Productions Group
GMA Entertainment TV Group
Presented by Regine Velasquez
Keempee de Leon (co-host)
Judges Danny Tan
Pops Fernandez
Mon Faustino
Annie Quintos
Randy Santiago
Country of origin Philippines
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 16
Location(s) GMA Network Studios
Running time 1 hour
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i SDTV
Original release May 16 – August 23, 2009

Are You The Next Big Star? is a reality music competition to find two new solo musical talents, created and developed by GMA New Media, Inc.. It debuted on May 16, 2009 on GMA Network, and is hosted by Regine Velasquez, with comedian-singer Keempee de Leon as the co-host.

The program seeks to discover the best singer in the country through a series of nationwide auditions. The public decides the outcomes of the later stages through text voting. The judges who give critiques of the contestants' performances have included Pops Fernandez, Randy Santiago, Danny Tan, Mon Faustino and Annie Quintos.

The prizes at stake includes one million pesos (P 1,000,000), a condominium unit from Avida, a management contract from GMA Artist Center and a recording contract from GMA Records. There will be two winners in the show: one male and one female.

On August 23, 2009, on the show's big finale, Frencheska Farr and Geoff Taylor were announced as the next female big star and next male big star respectively. Following the third and final round of the competition, Zyrene Parsad and Jay Perillo were eliminated. Camille Cortez and Alex Castro joined Frencheska Farr and Geoff Taylor in the final round of competition.

Frencheska Farr sang the victory song entitled Show Must Go On while Geoff Taylor sang the victory song entitled Heto Na. Both songs were composed by the show's musical director Raul Mitra and his wife Cacai Velasquez.


In 2008, GMA Network had broadcast the country's second version of the Idol franchise, Pinoy Idol, following ABC's Philippine Idol. Debuting to mixed reaction, GMA's senior Vice President for Entertainment Wilma Galvante had stated that GMA had been attempting to work with FremantleMedia to explore options on how the show could be improved to better cater to the Pinoy audience.[1] However, Darling de Jesus, vice president for Music and Variety programs at GMA, later stated that they "wanted [the next season of Pinoy Idol] to be more Pinoy", but could not come to terms with Fremantle over their changes. It was decided that GMA would instead produce their own music competition, tailored to the Filipino audience. This show would be Are You The Next Big Star?[2]

Episode format[edit]

The episode format and elimination varies per episode. In most episodes, elimination takes place at the beginning of the episode followed by a group performance fit for the theme. Them the hosts will call on two or three contestants to perform consecutively. After that batch's performances, the hosts will call on two judges to give their assessments and critiques, they will then chose their best performers and worst performers per batch. Before each gap, they will feature bits of video recordings showcasing the week's featured celebrity on the segment, "Big Star Diary." At the end of each episodes, two bottom performers from the girls and the boys are called to be voted by the public.

  • In the July 4th episode, Rachel Gabreza and Justin Taylor were eliminated after the performances at the end of the show. Their elimination was solely based on the judges' decision. Alexa Ortega, Shane Tarun, Greggy Santos and Anton Cruz were automatically part of the July 11 elimination, based on the judges' assessment.
  • The July 11th episode had a different format, Anton Cruz and Shane Tarun were eliminated at the beginning of the show, their farewell song was considered as their performance song. At the end of the night, the judges announced the bottom group: Alexa Ortega, Christine Allado, Greggy Santos and JP Gonzales. Text voting was opened for the public.
  • The July 18th episode and the proceeding followed the July 11th episode, that is, elimination takes place at the beginning of the episode. After all the performances, the judges will tally up their scores and announce the bottom two bound for next weeks elimination following the text votes. Theme was also introduced in this episode; this week's theme was "Songs from 1970's". It is to be noted that each eliminated contestant's farewell song goes with the week's theme.
  • July 25 episode's theme: "Michael Jackson tribute".
  • August 1 episode's theme: Songs from the 1980s. Since no one from the boys were eliminated during the show, one will surely be eliminated on the next episode.
  • In the August 8th episode, Greggy Santos became the last contender eliminated from the show before the Big Finale to be held on August 23.

Big Star Diary[edit]

Big Star Diary is a segment were stories of celebrities' struggles before attaining success are featured.



The top 150 had been divided into two batches. The first batch performed one by one last May 16 while the second performed last May 23. The scores where divided into two parts 80% from the judges and 20% from the jury and the top 40 contenders with the highest scores moves to the second round.

Top 40[edit]

Circle of 16[edit]

The Circle of 16 was announced last June 13, 2008. This consists of 9 boys and 8 girls.



Are You The Next Big Star?
Are You The Next Big Star Finalists (with dates of elimination)
Season 1 (2009)
Circle of 16
Geoff Taylor Winner
Alex Castro August 23
Jay Perillo August 23
Greggy Santos August 8
Bobby Solomon July 25
PJ Gonzalez July 18
Anton Cruz July 11
Justin Francis July 4
Francheska Farr Winner
Camille Cortez August 23
Zyrene Parsad August 23
Alexa Ortega August 1
Cara Quiapos July 25
Christine Allado July 18
Shane Tarun July 11
Rachel Gabreza July 4

Song list[edit]


1. Geoff Taylor

2. Alex Castro

3. Jay Perillo

4. Greggy Santos

5. Bobby Solomon

6. PJ Gonzales

7. Anton Cruz

8. Justin Francis


1. Frencheska Farr

2. Camille Cortez

3. Zyrene Parsad

4. Alexa Ortega

5. Cara Quiapos

6. Christine Allado

7. Shane Tarun

8. Rachel Gabreza

1 Contenders did not perform because they were eliminated at the beginning of the show. Their elimination songs served as their final performances.

2 Contenders performed with notable Filipino artists.

Elimination chart[edit]

Female Male Jury's Best Performer1 Jury's Worst Performer1 Winner
Bottom 3
Bottom 2
Place Contestant Result
1 Geoff Taylor Best1 Saved3 Winner
2 Alex Castro Btm 2 2nd Place
3 Jay Perillo 3rd Place
4 Greggy Santos Btm 3 Btm 32 Btm 2 Btm 2 Saved3 Elim
5 Bobby Solomon Elim
6 PJ Gonzalez Worst1 Btm 32 Elim
7 Anton Cruz Btm 2 Elim
8 Justin Francis Elim
1 Francheska Farr Best1 Winner
2 Camille Cortez Btm 2 2nd Place
3 Zyrene Parsad 3rd Place
4 Alexa Ortega Btm 32 Btm 2 Btm 2 Elim
5 Cara Quiapos Btm 3 Elim
6 Christine Allado Worst1 Btm 32 Elim
7 Shane Tarun Btm 2 Elim
8 Rachel Gabreza Elim

1 Best Performer and Worst Performer distinctions were only given on the July 4th episode where the girls sat as jury for the boys, while the boys sat as jury for the girls. The distinction has not been given since

2 Christine Allado, Alexa Ortega, PJ Gonzalez and Greggy Santos are automatically part of next week's Bottom Group. Next week's eliminates will come from this group based from judge's vote (50%) and text votes (50%).

3 Geoff Taylor and Greggy Santos were tapped as the Boys' Bottom 2, but were saved by the judges.

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