Area 57

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Area 57
Genre Comedy
Starring Paul Reubens
Jane Lynch
Matthew Lillard
Bruce McGill
Brandon Molale
Kelvin Yu
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English

Area 57 is the name of a pilot produced for the 2007/2008 season for NBC. It centers on an Area 51-esque military base and the alien it houses. The pilot was not picked up.

From NBC's press release [1]:

"Taking on the challenge of a classified mission in a top-secret location is hard enough. Throw in a dysfunctional crew that despises you and an alien that makes fun of you and you've got one bizarre challenge on your hands. So what if Colonel Steven Isaac's new career move turns out to be more punishment than promotion? He's ready for it. Foul extraterrestrial bodily emissions? No problem. Random objects falling from the sky? He's got it covered. Dirty looks and dirtier rumors? No worries. The laughs are all in a day's work in this unique comedy."


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