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Area code 312 is the telephone area code for downtown Chicago, which includes the Chicago Loop and its immediate environs. The plan area is completely surrounded by area code 773, which serves the rest of Chicago, along with overlay area code 872. 312 is an enclave area code, similar to area code 213 in Los Angeles, area code 514 in Montreal and area code 210 in San Antonio. It is roughly bounded by North Avenue on the north, Ashland Avenue on the west, and 31st Street on the south, with Lake Michigan to the east. In terms of geographic area covered, 312 is one of the smallest area codes in the nation, encompassing only a few square miles.


Area code 312 was one of the original 86 number plan areas (NPAs) created in 1947 for the North American Numbering Plan. Having densely populated areas, the state of Illinois required multiple (four) NPAs, given that each NPA could only accommodate ca. 500 central offices.[1] Area code 312 originally served almost all of the Illinois side of the Chicago metropolitan area, except for portions of Grundy, McHenry, and Will counties in the area code for the rest of northern Illinois, 815. On November 11, 1989, the suburban portion split off as area code 708, with 312 reduced to Chicago.

Within only five years, 312 was on the verge of exhaustion once again due to the proliferation of cell phones, pagers and fax machines. Additionally, the Chicago LATA extends for some distance into northwest Indiana (Gary, Hammond, East Chicago), and several numbers in northern Indiana's 219 weren't available for use. As a solution, area code 773 was assigned for the remainder of the city outside of the downtown area on October 11, 1996, making Chicago one of the few cities in the nation to be split between multiple area codes (along with New York City and Los Angeles). Since November 7, 2009, both 312 and 773 have been overlaid by 872.

The first production #4ESS toll switch was installed in Chicago in January 1976.[2][clarification needed]

In popular culture[edit]

  • Goose Island Brewery brews an ale named "312 Urban Wheat Ale" and "312 Urban Pale Ale".[3]
  • A restaurant at the Kimpton Hotels operated Hotel Allegro, at LaSalle and Randolph Streets in the Loop, is named "312 Chicago".[4]
  • The Chicago-based Christian rock group Resurrection Band released a song called "Area 312" on their 1982 album D.M.Z.[5]
  • Portions of the film RoboCop 2 were filmed in the Chicago area. A telephone number written on an abandoned building is (312) 555-7890.
  • The Snoop Dogg song "That's That", contains the lyrics: "Girl if you ever in the 312, holla at a playa".
  • The music project Radio Flyer used (312) as a track title.
  • The Kanye West song "New God Flow," contains the lyrics: "What has the world come to, I'm from the 312, where cops don't come through, and dreams don't come true."
  • The Disney Channel[6] show Shake It Up, starring Bella Thorne,[7] as Cecelia Grace "CeCe"[8] Jones, and Zendaya, as Raquel "Rocky"[9] Oprah Blue, mentions 312 as both Rocky and Cece's area code.
  • A 1960s AT&T commercial promoted calling long distance with the jingle "3-1-2 .. 3-1-2 That toddlin town, that toddlin town", this jingle playing upon "Chicago" a popular song written by Fred Fisher, cleverly taught the nation this Chicago area code.

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Illinois area codes: 217, 224, 309, 312, 331, 618, 630, 708, 773, 779, 815, 847, 872
North: 773
West: 773 area code 312 (overlaid by 872) East: Lake Michigan
South: 773

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