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Area code 506 is the telephone area code in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, encompassing the entire province. The code was created in 1955, when New Brunswick and Newfoundland (including Labrador) split from the 902 area code; Newfoundland and Labrador split to its own 709 area code in early 1962. Besides 506 & 709, 807 & 867 are the other Canadian area codes to still use 7-digit dialling and have yet to be overlaid. The incumbent local exchange carrier in 506 is Bell Aliant, which was produced from a merger that included NBTel. Since 2005, local telephone service through Eastlink Communications has also been available in the town of Sackville. The 506 code is expected to "exhaust" in 2020. The 428 area code is planned to overlay the 506 beginning November 21, 2020, and will ease the province from the burden & expense of changing numbers, at the cost of requiring 10-digit dialing.[1]

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Map of Canada with New Brunswick highlighted

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New Brunswick area codes: 506
North: 418/581
West: 207, 418/581 506 East: 902/782
South: 902/782
Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island area codes: 782/902
Quebec area codes: 367/418/581, 438/514, 450/579, 819/873
Maine area codes: 207
Newfoundland and Labrador area codes: 709

Coordinates: 46°30′58″N 66°17′02″W / 46.516°N 66.284°W / 46.516; -66.284