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An Area redevelopment plan is an urban planning designation created by municipalities in Alberta, Canada for the purposes of facilitating development in specific geographic areas. ARPs differ from Area structure plans in that they apply to areas of a municipality that have already been developed. In practice, ARPs are used to guide how an existing built-up area or neighbourhood should develop in the future. Community representatives are often invited by municipal planners to contribute to ARPs. ARPs tend to be created for inner-city areas that are currently redeveloping or are soon to redevelop.

The following excerpt from the Municipal Government Act Revised Statutes of Alberta 2000 Chapter M-26[1] describes the intent and purpose of ARPs.

Area redevelopment plans

634 A council may

(a) designate an area of the municipality as a redevelopment area for the purpose of any or all of the following:
(i) preserving or improving land and buildings in the area;
(ii) rehabilitating buildings in the area;
(iii) removing buildings from the area;
(iv) constructing or replacing buildings in the area;
(v) establishing, improving or relocating roads, public utilities or other services in the area;
(vi) facilitating any other development in the area,
(b) adopt, by bylaw, an area redevelopment plan,
(c) in accordance with this section and Division 6, provide for the imposition and collection of a levy to be known as a “redevelopment levy”, and
(d) authorize a designated officer, with or without conditions, to perform any function with respect to the imposition and collection of that redevelopment levy.

1995 c24 s95

Plan contents 635 An area redevelopment plan

(a) must describe
(i) the objectives of the plan and how they are proposed to be achieved,
(ii) the proposed land uses for the redevelopment area,
(iii) if a redevelopment levy is to be imposed, the reasons for imposing it, and
(iv) any proposals for the acquisition of land for any municipal use, school facilities, parks and recreation facilities or any other purposes the council considers necessary,
(b) may contain any other proposals that the council considers necessary.

1995 c24 s95

— Municipal Government Act Chapter M-26

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