Río Grande de Arecibo

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Grande de Arecibo
Río Grande de Arecibo.jpg
View of the town of Arecibo from the mouth of Rio Grande de Arecibo.
Country Puerto Rico
Physical characteristics
Main source Río Vacadas
River mouth Arecibo Bay, Atlantic Ocean
Length 52.89 km (32.86 mi)

The Río Grande de Arecibo (Arecibo River) is a river of Puerto Rico. The headwaters lie in the mountains to the south of Adjuntas. From there it flows north until it reaches the Atlantic Ocean near Arecibo.[1] The tributaries lie along the side of the Cerro de Punta and the Utuado pluton. It flows through the northern, passing along a gorge that is 200 m deep and 800–1,200 m wide. Its waters are not clean and not to be consumed by natives and dwellers. It flows through the middle of Puerto Rico[2]

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Coordinates: 18°28′22″N 66°42′38″W / 18.47278°N 66.71056°W / 18.47278; -66.71056