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Background information
Birth nameAref Arefkia
Also known asAref
Born (1940-08-10) August 10, 1940 (age 78)[1]
Tehran, Iran
OriginTehran, Iran
Occupation(s)Singer, Actor
Years active1961–present
LabelsTaraneh Records
Apolon Records
Caltex Records
Pars Video
Avang Records
Caspian Records
WebsiteOfficial Website

Aref Arefkia (Persian: عارف عارف‌کیا‎), known as Aref (Persian: عارف‎; also Romanized as Āref), born August 10, 1940 in Tehran, Iran, and known as "the king of Hearts" and "the legend of pop", is an Iranian pop music singer and actor.[2][3]

He graduated from Tehran Industrial School of Art in 1958. Before starting his career as a singer, Aref worked as a teacher in Qazvin industrial school of art for two years, but the truth is that he has been singing since he was only 12 years old.

In the 1960s, Aref introduced a new wave of romantic styles to the large spectrum of romantic Persian music. After the Islamic revolution Aref left Iran and went to London and Los Angeles. He has one son and four daughters.

His first hit was "Daryacheye Noor" which is still popular among all the Iranians.

Aref and his family left Iran in 1979, following the Islamic revolution. He first lived in London for a period of 3 years, then moved to Los Angeles.


Aref recalls to have sung up to 850 songs to this date. After the Islamic Revolution of 1979, In Los Angeles and Dubai he produced many albums:

  • Various Singers: Gol-e Sorkh
  • Various Singers: Khaaneh Sorkh
  • Baazgasht
  • Sarbaz Kouchouloo
  • Roozegar-e Gharibist Nazanin
  • Ayeneh dar Ayeneh
  • Khoda Kone Biyaee
  • Khaaneh Sorkh
  • Various Singers: Solh
  • Piri (Aref's old hits that were all re-mastered)
  • Mard-e Ghabileh
  • Mah o Palang
  • Nazak
  • Soltan-e Ghalbha (Aref's old hits that were all re-mastered)
  • Amineh
  • Gharib Anaam(Azari)
  • VasiyatNameh
  • Aziz-e Ghesseh(not yet released)
  • Alma(Azari)
  • 50 Years Greatest Hits(5 CDs):

This package has 60 of Aref's old hits:

    • Tranquilzer Songs-1
    • Breezy Songs-1
    • Breezy Songs-2
    • Tranquilzer Songs-2
    • Breezy Songs-3

Success and awards[edit]

Aref received many awards, one of which was granted to him by the Shah himself (King Pahlavi). Aref received the Highest Cultural Imperial Medallion from the Shah (King of Iran) for singing at the Asian Games of 1974 in Iran. In this concert with Tehran's Philharmonic Orchestra, Aref sang in front of 100,000 Iranians and in the presence of many International state officials and dignitaries.

Aref performed his first concert out of Iran in New York City in Madison Square to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the American Independence.

His success continued well into the mid-1970s. This is evident when one looks at the pop magazines of the time. In a survey conducted by Javanan Magazine Aref and Googoosh were both chosen as "Most Famous Pop Icon" of the year, 9 years in a row.

Zan-e Rooz magazine also chose Aref as the MAN OF THE YEAR in which Aref among many other politicians, singers and actors (basically all famous men of Iran except Shah) were nominated.


Aref was also a very popular singer for movie soundtracks (about 60 movies). His songs were heard on numerous Iranian films of the 1960s & early 1970s among which "Gholam Jandarm", "Soltan-e Ghalbha", "Ghesseh-e Shab", "Yaghout-e 3 Chashm", "Dalahoo" and "Gharibeh" are the most famous.
He also appeared in six different musical films:

  • 1. Ezdevaj e Irani(1966)
  • 2. EshghAfarin(1967)
  • 3. Saaghi(1968)
  • 4. Ayene e Zaman(1968)
  • 5. Ghorboon e Harchi Khoshgele(1971)
  • 6. Bezan Berim(1974)


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