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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance New Teen Titans #4
(February 1981)
Created by Marv Wolfman
George Pérez
In-story information
Alter ego Angela Roth
Species Human
Place of origin Earth
Supporting character of Teen Titans

Angela Roth, commonly called Arella, is a fictional character from DC Comics. She is the pacifist mother of the superhero empath Raven in the Teen Titans comics and animated universe. She is the wife of Trigon the demon, who seduced her in human form to have someone to rule beside him.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Born in Gotham City, Angela Roth was a depressed, aimless teenager who fell in with occultists who goaded her to participate in a secret ceremony to appeal to Trigon, who was to manifest in the earth-plane. Although she knew Trigon was a demon by origin, she thought Trigon's human form was authentic. After she married him, it was only then did she realize Trigon's true form. By then it was too late and Trigon raped her. After she was impregnated by Trigon, Arella attempted to kill herself with pills in an abandoned alleyway. Instead of dying, however, she was taken to the Temple Azarath, located between all dimensions. It was there that she was taught pacifism and had her named changed to Arella (which meant Messenger Angel to the Azarathians).

Soon after giving birth to Raven, she gave up her care to Azar, the high priestess. She rarely saw Raven for quite some time, but took over guardianship of Raven upon Azar's death when Raven was about ten years old.

When Raven was fourteen years old, she fled Azarath to seek help from Earth's heroes to stop Trigon's invasion. This resulted in the New Teen Titans. Raven briefly returned to Azarath, asking her mother for help. Arella refused and sent her back to Earth. When Raven was being held as a prisoner by Trigon, Arella decided to leave Azarath to help her teammates rescue her. Soon after, Trigon was sealed away in another dimension. Arella agreed to go along with him in an attempt to block him from returning through the portal.

Some time later, Raven finally gave in to her father's control. Arella was transported to Azarath, which was promptly destroyed by Trigon's minions. She was among the few survivors. Arella followed the Teen Titans to Earth in order to help them in their fight against Trigon. She watched as Raven was used to destroy her father and then vanish.

Arella travelled the world, trying to find her daughter. When she finally found her, they were both taken prisoner by cultists, under the control of Brother Blood. After spending some time with her daughter in Blood's fortress, they were freed by the Teen Titans.

After this event, Arella established a ranch that would serve as a sanctuary to troubled women. She intended to make the place like a new Azarath. However, the Wildebeest Society killed all of the women and the workers, leaving only Arella alive. She was rescued by Deathstroke. She, Deathstroke, and Steve Dayton worked on to free the kidnapped Titans from Jericho's Wildebeest Society. But when Deathstroke was forced to kill his son Jericho, the corrupted souls of Azarath left him and possessed Raven, turning her evil once more. Arella and Danny Chase sacrificed themselves, merging with the souls of Azarath into Phantasm.

In other media[edit]


  • Arella makes a short appearance in the Teen Titans animated series episode "The Prophecy" voiced by Virginia Madsen. When Raven escapes to her home dimension Azarath, she encounters Arella tending to a whole flock of doves. Raven begs her mother to help her prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled but Arella (echoing Slade albeit in a much kinder tone) tells her that it is no use and that the promise of her birth was absolute and she must carry out the prophecy to become Trigon's portal and unleash the end of humanity. It is then revealed that Azarath has already been destroyed (or deserted at least) and that Arella may be dead—although this is debatable—having given her daughter her last words through a telepathic voice-mail of sorts.


  • In the DC Universe animated movie Justice League vs. Teen Titans, Arella (with her name unrevealed) appears in a flashback scene detailing Raven's origin tale to her fellow Teen Titans. This incarnation was destroyed by Trigon, along with Azarath, after Raven had unwittingly summoned her father in an attempt to learn more about him.


  • In issue 44 of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series, Raven is seen traveling back to Azarath once again, with the entire city fully restored. Raven makes a point of visiting Arella to discuss with her why she is now free to feel.