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Teams Arema FC
Location Malang, East Java
Established 1997
Membership [4,000,000+]

Aremania is a supporter of the soccer club, Arema Cronus. They are known for its fanaticism, after Bobotoh, Bonek, and The Jak Mania.


The group came to prominence in the late 90`s, and aremania name appears as a supporting community name Arema.

Since then they have been praised for their input into Indonesian football and supporter culture and in 2006, they were awarded "The Best Indonesian Football Supporters" by Football Association of Indonesia.

In 2014 the ultras during a game against Persib Bandung made a tifo consisting of a banner 15000m² large, considered to be one of the biggest ever made [1]


Aremania have a very strong rivalry with supporters of Persebaya Surabaya, who are known as "Bonek" and the games between the two sides, known as the East Java Derby, often escalates into violence.[2][3]


Aremania has been known to sing many songs before even the game begins. These songs have been recorded by the local rappers and musicians. These songs are:

  • Salam Satu Jiwa by APA Rapper
  • Arema Juara by ARRO
  • Untuk-mu Arema by B-Qini
  • Arema Milik Kita Semua by Djanoer
  • Singo Edan by Peace Maker
  • Aremania by The Klokid
  • Cinta Bola Cinta Arema by Tropical Forest
  • Sang Juara by Vitruvian


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