Arena (U.S. TV series)

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Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes73
Running time22 minutes
Original networkG4/G4techTV
Original releaseMay 1, 2002 (2002-05-01) – January 29, 2005 (2005-01-29)

Arena is a G4/G4techTV TV show about competitive gaming which aired from 2002 to 2004. The program's format featured teams taking on each other in the multiplayer video games of the time in the form of a LAN party. Many episodes of the series revolved around a continuing tournament format.

Some video games overlap episodes, such as Unreal Tournament 2004 and Call of Duty. Teams are also given a chance to talk about themselves and explain the origin of their team name. Team ZoMBiE won Tournament of Champions '03 in 2004[1] to become the Ultimate Arena Champions. Team Kaizen won Tournament of Champions '04 in 2005[2] to become the Ultimate Arena Champions.

The show was originally hosted by Wil Wheaton and Travis Oates, but both hosts left due to conflicts with the program's producer, Jim Downs, of which many were made public by Wheaton in a Slashdot posting[3] along with the documentary entitled The Rise and Fall of G4.[4] They were replaced by Lee Reherman and Michael Louden in the latter half of 2003. The final hosts were Lee Reherman and Kevin Pereira.

The bulk of the first two seasons were filmed in studio 2. About halfway through season 2, and for the remainder of the run, filming moved into studio 3, which was the largest studio in G4's old headquarters. When word of the TechTV buyout became public, and the show was going to be cancelled as a result, the series banked several episodes, and then scrapped the set in July 2004 to make way for X-Play, The Screen Savers, and Unscrewed with Martin Sargent, three former TechTV properties.

Season 1[edit]

All Episodes were found on the YouTube."[5]

Episode # Air Date Title Rating
1x01 01/May/2002 Anvil vs. Steel N/A
1x02 04/May/2002 Challenger: Molten N/A
1x03 11/May/2002 Iron Vs Cobalt N/A
1x04 01/Jun/2002 Iron Vs Carbon N/A
1x05 22/Jun/2002 Team Deadbolt N/A
1x06 29/Jun/2002 Mercury Rising N/A
1x07 27/Jul/2002 Team Nova N/A
1x08 17/Aug/2002 Iron Vs Dev/Null N/A
1x09 31/Aug/2002 Team UMM vs. Team PK N/A
1x10 14/Sep/2002 Team Umm V Team 1/2&1/2 N/A
1x11 20/Sep/2002 Halo Tournament N/A
1x12 19/Oct/2002 Team Leftovers N/A
1x13 31/Oct/2002 Halloween N/A
1x14 16/Nov/2002 Team Gamers N/A
1x15 30/Nov/2002 Umm Vs Judgment Day N/A
1x16 14/Dec/2002 Team Dynasty vs Team Unsung Heroes N/A
1x17 21/Dec/2002 Battle Depot vs Team Unsung Heroes N/A
1x18 11/Jan/2003 Team Donkey Horde vs Team Unsung Heroes N/A
1x19 25/Jan/2003 Team Heroes vs Team Four Horsemen N/A

Season 2[edit]

Episode # Air Date Title Rating
2x01 19/Feb/2003 Team Unsung Heroes vs Team SDT N/A
2x02 15/Mar/2003 Team Wipeout Vs. Team Mephisto N/A
2x03 24/Mar/2003 Team Brain Dead N/A
2x04 07/Apr/2003 Team Boden N/A
2x05 14/Apr/2003 Team Boomstick N/A
2x06 28/Apr/2003 Bomb Skill N/A
2x07 12/May/2003 Eat Chew Up N/A
2x08 01/Jun/2003 Death Legion N/A
2x09 02/Jun/2003 Sitting Ducks N/A
2x10 16/Jun/2003 Team Smack N/A
2x11 23/Jun/2003 Four Score N/A
2x12 21/Jul/2003 Divine Annihilation N/A
2x13 28/Jul/2003 Zombie N/A
2x14 11/Aug/2003 NC N/A
2x15 18/Aug/2003 Nam N/A
2x16 07/Sep/2003 Teachers vs. Students N/A
2x17 08/Sep/2003 Circus of Ego N/A
2x18 22/Sep/2003 Team Crushing Power N/A
2x19 13/Oct/2003 Team Forbidden Donut N/A
2x20 27/Oct/2003 Armed for Warfare N/A
2x21 03/Nov/2003 Go Go Gazoo N/A
2x22 17/Nov/2003 Minority Castaways N/A
2x23 24/Nov/2003 Slapped and Dashed N/A
2x24 01/Dec/2003 C.T.C. on TV N/A
2x25 08/Dec/2003 Kickin' It With Kaizen N/A
2x26 15/Dec/2003 Angry Augury N/A
2x27 22/Dec/2003 Tournament of Champions '03 (Pt. 1) N/A
2x28 22/Dec/2003 Tournament of Champions '03 (Pt. 2) N/A
2x29 20/Jan/2004 A Minute With Kaizen N/A
2x30 03/Feb/2004 Girls with Big Guns! N/A

Season 3[edit]

Episode # Air Date Title Rating
3x01 02/Mar/2004 AcroNYM N/A
3x02 16/Mar/2004 We Got a 10-51 N/A
3x03 30/Mar/2004 Sausage Goes To War! N/A
3x04 13/Apr/2004 Militia Massacre! N/A
3x05 27/Apr/2004 Oodles of Boodles! N/A
3x06 11/May/2004 Domination on Our Station N/A
3x07 02/Jun/2004 307Mt N/A
3x08 16/Jun/2004 Deadly Dalliance N/A
3x09 30/Jun/2004 Cross-Eyed Team N/A
3x10 14/Jul/2004 Jumping is Useless? N/A
3x11 28/Jul/2004 R3Dn3X Round Up! N/A
3x12 11/Aug/2004 Time For Nightfall N/A
3x13 25/Aug/2004 Payback Plays N/A
3x14 08/Sep/2004 Rowdy Random Commandos N/A
3x15 22/Sep/2004 315Mt N/A
3x16 06/Oct/2004 Introduction Impact N/A
3x17 20/Oct/2004 The Mighty Mescaleros N/A
3x18 03/Nov/2004 Fogies Have Fun N/A
3x19 01/Dec/2004 Wonderful Wiener Boys N/A
3x20 07/Dec/2004 Cuddly Corpse Factory N/A
3x21 08/Dec/2004 Team Stomp! N/A
3x22 15/Dec/2004 Mad About Mizota N/A
3x23 22/Dec/2004 Tournament of Champions '04 (Pt. 1) N/A
3x24 29/Jan/2005 Tournament of Champions '04 (Pt. 2) N/A