Ares Vallis

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File:Mars Twin Peaks (1024px).jpg
The Ares Vallis area as photographed by Mars Pathfinder.

Ares Vallis is a valley on Mars which appears to have been carved by fluids, perhaps water. The valley 'flows' out of the hilly Margaritifer Terra,where the Iani Chaos depression (180 km long and 200 km wide) is connected to the beginning of Ares Vallis by a 100-km wide transition zone centred around 342.5º East and 3º North.[1]. It then continues through the ancient Xanthe Terra highlands, and ends in a delta-like region of Chryse Planitia.

Its name comes from the Greek name for Mars: Ares, the god of war.

Ares Vallis was the landing site of NASA's Mars Pathfinder spacecraft, which studied a region of the valley near the border with Chryse in 1997.


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A panoramic view of part of Ares Vallis taken by the Mars Pathfinder's spacecraft