Ares del Maestrat

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Ares on top of the Mola d'Ares

Ares del Maestrat,[1] also known as Ares del Maestre in Spanish or simply Ares, is a small village and municipality in the province of Castelló, Spain. It is situated near the top of the Mola d'Ares mountain, at an elevation of 1,148 m.

As a result of migration to the cities in the 1960s and 1970s, Ares del Maestre is sparsely populated today, yet remains a popular tourist destination. Sites of interest include the gothic town hall, neoclassical parish church, and the remains of the Mola castle.

The Tossal d'Orenga mountain,[2] popular among paragliders, is located within the Ares del Maestre municipal term.


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Coordinates: 40°27′N 0°08′W / 40.450°N 0.133°W / 40.450; -0.133