Argeș Region

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Regiunea Argeş (Argeş region) was one of the newly established (in 1950) administrative divisions of the People's Republic of Romania, copied after the Soviet style of territorial organisation. It existed until 1952, when its territory merged with Vâlcea region to form Piteşti region. After the 1956 reorganisation Piteşti region changed its name back to Argeş.


The capital of the region was Piteşti, and its territory comprised an area similar to the nowadays Argeş County, before the 1956 reorganisation. After the reorganisation it slightly comprised the area of nowadays Vâlcea and Argeş counties.


Argeş region had as neighbors:


  • 1950–1952: Piteşti, Slatina, Costeşti, Muscel, Curtea de Argeş.
  • 1956–1968: Piteşti, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Slatina, Loviştea, Muscel, Curtea de Argeş, Costeşti, Topoloveni, Găeşti, Drăganeşti, Drăgăşani, Băbeni-Bistriţa, Horezu.