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Argela Technologies
Industry Telecommunication
Small Cells
Network Performance Monitoring
Software Defined Networks
Founded Istanbul, Turkey
Founder Bulent Kaytaz
Headquarters İTÜ Ayazağa Kampüsü, Teknokent Arı 3 Binası, Kat:6 34469 Maslak Sarıyer
Istanbul, Turkey
Area served
Products See products listing

Argela is a Turkish-based multinational corporation that designs and sells networking, voice, and communications technology and services. Founded in 2004, acquired by Turk Telekom in 2007, and headquartered in Istanbul, Argela has branches in Sunnyvale and Ankara.

Argela’s products include Femtocell, fixed-mobile convergence, IMS/IN Applications, service delivery framework, 3 screen TV services and performance monitoring tools[1]



Argela’s iTV is an Internet television service distributed via the Internet. It allows the users to choose the program or the TV show they want to watch from an archive (VoD, TSTV)or live from a channel directory. iTV is Future-safe as internet bandwidth tends to increase in the near future. Tivibu[2] is one of the field proven application which has attracted 110,000 users in first month [3] using Argela's iTV solution. iTV service won IP&TV industry award for Best IP TV, Hybrid or Connected TV Service Growth Achievement in 2011 by reaching 1 million subscribers in first year.[4]

Femtocells & Home Gateway[edit]

Argela offers femtocell access point. Argela is a member of Femto Forum[who?] and works with the other players of the ecosystem, network operators and other solution providers- to address the key issues and challenges of the femtocell market define and develop industry standards.[citation needed]

Argela ADz-on advertising platform[edit]

Argela ADz-on is an end-to-end Telco-centric advertising solution. It helps operators monetize a multitude of subscriber touch-points - mobile, fixed, calling card, and VOIP - by enabling brands to deliver relevant and interactive campaigns to their target audience across multiple channels including pre-call, in-SMS, IPTV and WebTV. Argela ADz-on consists of five verticals offering various service capabilities: ADz-on-Voice, ADz-on-Messaging, ADz-on-TV, ADz-on-Internet and ADz-on-VAS, Adz-on Ringback Tone Advertising.

Fixed-mobile convergence[edit]

Argela’s fixed-mobile convergence solution offers an extensive set of SIP clients: Web, PC, iPhone/iPod, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android and Blackberry. Tuitalk[5] is a free Voip client made by Argela. It allows users to call landlines and mobile phones via Wi-Fi. The application was released in 2008 for Windows and Mac OS X. WIROFON service won the CommsMEA “New Telecom Service of the Year” award [6] was also another application launched by Turk Telekom, later the software was also embedded in LG mobile devices. The campaign became a success with 20,000 device sales in only 2 weeks.[7]

SCP & IN Applications[edit]

Argela’a Service Control Platform (SCP)[8] is the platform where multiple IN services can be deployed, including ICS(Intra Call Service), Ring Back Tone (RBT), Mobile Virtual Private Network (MVPN), Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR), Smart Call Termination (SCT), Virtual Mobile Attendant (VMA). Argela’a SCP avoids double service triggering by hosting the IN serviceson the same SCP with the pre-paid charging service. Multiple IN services can be deployed on the ARGELA SCP Platform. Argela’a SCP uses the current billing infrastructure with low initial investment by providing flexible architecture for future capacity/protocol extension like converged billing system, etc. SCP provides network independency-seamless multi-network support SS7, SIGTRAN and IP protocol independency-seamless multi-protocol,multi-vendor stack support.

IMS Applications[edit]

Argela’s IMS Application portfolio[9] includes Multimedia Ring Back Tone (M-RBT), Sponsored Call (SPC), Collect Call Service (CCS), 3rdParty Call Control (3PCC), Virtual Subscription (VS) and Centralized Service Management Platform.

Service Delivery Framework[edit]

Argela’s Service Delivery Framework(SDF) [10] based on Argela’s Multiplay Service Delivery Platform(MSDP) promises rapid uptake of new services leading to ARPU & total revenue increase with automated service and partner management capabilities. Automated business processes reduce OPEX and re-use of infrastructure reduce CAPEX.

Performance monitoring tools[edit]

Argela’s monitoring tool dedicated to Prepaid subscribers; Prepaid Watcher has mechanisms to watch over and measure operators pre-paid systems.


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