Argent-Double Aqueduct

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Pont-canal de l'Argent-Double
Aqueduct Agent-Double from the towpath (Nancy).JPG
Argent-Double Aqueduct
Coordinates43°15′04.00″N 2°39′58.27″E / 43.2511111°N 2.6661861°E / 43.2511111; 2.6661861Coordinates: 43°15′04.00″N 2°39′58.27″E / 43.2511111°N 2.6661861°E / 43.2511111; 2.6661861
CarriesCanal du Midi
CrossesArgent-Double River
LocaleLa Redorte

The Argent-Double Aqueduct (French: Pont-canal de l'Argent-Double) is one of several aqueducts on the Canal du Midi. The Argent-Double stream is culverted under the canal at La Redorte.[1]


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