Argentina–Indonesia relations

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Argentina-Indonesia relations
Map indicating locations of Argentina and Indonesia



Argentina–Indonesia relations refers to the bilateral relations of Argentina and Indonesia. Since the diplomatic relations established in 1956, the bilateral relations between Argentina and Indonesia have become increasingly more strategic.[clarification needed][1] According to Argentine Ambassador to Indonesian Javier A. Sanz de Urquiza, Indonesia has been a "true friend of Argentina" over the Falkland Islands sovereignty dispute.[2] Argentina has an embassy in Jakarta, while Indonesia has an embassy in Buenos Aires. Both countries say they share the same values regarding the international order, and the same aspiration to defend the developing nations' interest in international forum.[2] Both countries are members of Group of 77, the G-20 major economies, the G20 developing nations, and Forum of East Asia-Latin America Cooperation.


President Yudhoyono and Cristina de Kirchner in Istana Merdeka, Jakarta, 17 January 2013

The diplomatic relations between Argentina and Indonesia was established on July 30, 1956. During the Falklands War in 1982, Indonesia supported Argentina's sovereignty claim to the Falkland Islands over the claims of the United Kingdom.[2]

High level visits[edit]

On September 2012, Argentine Foreign Minister Héctor Marcos Timerman visited Jakarta, Indonesia.[2] In January 2013, Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner visited Indonesia and paid a courtesy call to Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.[1]

Trade and commerce[edit]

Embassy of Indonesia in Buenos Aires

Indonesia is the second-largest destination for Argentine exports to Asia after China, and the largest one in Southeast Asia. While Argentina is South America's second-largest importer of Indonesian products after Brazil.[1] In overall trade, Indonesia is Argentina's fourth-largest trading partner in Asia. The volume of trade between Indonesia and Argentina rose from US$632.47 million in 2007 to almost reached US$2 billion in 2011. The balance of trade is heavily in favor of Argentina, as every year Indonesia buys more than $1 billion worth of soya bean oil cakes from Argentina.[2]


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