Argentina–Philippines relations

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Argentina-Philippines relations
Map indicating locations of Argentina and Philippines



Argentina and the Philippines were former Spanish colonies and established their diplomatic and bilateral relations 64 years ago. It is the first Latin American country with which the Philippines had established bilateral relations.[1] In 2012, both countries commemorated the 65th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral, diplomatic, and trade relations. Both countries also proposed separate bilateral agreements on culture, education, and sports in the future as well as cooperation on the promotion of the study of the Spanish language. Argentina has an embassy in Manila, and the Philippines has an embassy in Buenos Aires.


Argentine Foreign Secretary Hector Timerman, the first foreign minister from Latin America to visit the Philippines under the administration of President Aquino. Del Rosario and Timerman are to discuss how to broaden the relations and people and cultural engagement between the two countries.[2] Following the visit of Timerman, The officials in both countries will convene the first meeting of the Philippine-Argentina Joint Technical Working Group on Technical Cooperation. The agreement seeks ways on how Philippines and Argentina could benefit from the exchange of best practices and experiences in biotechnology, agriculture, renewable energy and medicine. In 2013, Argentina is expected to export citrus to the Philippines and other Southeast Asian nations.[3][4]

Argentina’s biggest manufacturer of savory additives and plant-based ingredients Laboratorios Farmesa SAIC, is set to invest and open a regional office in the Philippines and it will be named as Farmesa Asia Pacific Inc., will serve as the Argentine first company’s base for its regional expansion.[5]

Boxing riot[edit]

On February 2012, in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Johnriel Casimero won the IBF interim light flyweight title against Argentine boxer Luis Lazarte via technical knock out, but after the fight, the audience got angry and threw chairs and a bottle of water, it became the biggest boxing brawl in Argentina. Casimero escaped by going under the boxing ring to protect himself from the angered fans. Casimero, and members of his team were kicked and assaulted when fans in Mar del Plata hurled chairs and stormed the ring following his 10th-round knockout of local Argentine fighter Luis Alberto Lazarte in the IBF junior flyweight championship.[6] After the riot, police escorted Casimero and his team to their hotel and provided protection for them. Alberto Lazarte later visited to apologize.[6] The Philippines has filed a diplomatic protest to the Argentine government after Argentine fans attacked John Riel Casimero, a Filipino fighter, in the ring after winning the title bout.[6][7] Philippine Foreign Affairs spokesman Raul Hernandez stated that his country's embassy filed a protest with Argentina's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is awaiting an explanation.[6] Boxer Alberto Lazarte was banned by IBF for threat, sparking ring riot.[7]

On that same day, the Argentine Ambassador in Manila apologize in what happened and mentioned:[8]