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The Argentine Formula Renault Championship, formerly known as Formula Renault 2.0 Argentina and Formula Renault 1.6 Argentina, is an open wheel racing series founded in 1980. It is based in Argentina.


Since 2010 the cars have been powered by a 2000cc Renault production engine. Prior to this (from the series' inception in 1980 to 2009) the cars were powered by a 1600cc Renault production engine. Tito is currently the only chassis make allowed. Similar Tito 02 cars are used in the Chilean Formula Three Championship.

Tyres are allocated to each driver in sets of 4 at each race meeting.


All champions were Argentine-registered.

Season Champion
1980 Víctor Rosso
1981 Carlos Lauricella
1982 Roberto Urretavizcaya
1983 Néstor Gurini
1984 Néstor Gurini
1985 Miguel Angel Etchegaray
1986 Gabriel Furlán
1987 Daniel Neviani
1988 Luis Belloso
1989 Sergio Solmi
1990 Omar Martinez
1991 Omar Martinez
1992 Norberto Della Santina
1993 Juan Manuel Silva
1994 Guillermo Di Giacinti
1995 Brian Smith
1996 Martín Basso
1997 Mauro Fartuszek
1998 Gabriel Ponce de León
1999 Mariano Acebal
2000 Esteban Guerrieri
2001 Rafael Morgenstern
2002 Rafael Morgenstern
2003 Maximiliano Merlino
2004 Ezequiel Bosio
2005 Lucas Benamo
2006 Mariano Werner
2007 Mariano Werner
2008 Guido Falaschi
2009 Facundo Ardusso
2010 Nicolás Trosset
2011 Rodrigo Rogani
2012 Merlo Carlos Javier


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