Argentines in Spain

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Argentines in Spain
Argentinos en España
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Regions with significant populations
Christianity · Judaism

Argentines in Spain are the largest community of Argentines in the exterior. Inside Spain, they form one of the largest immigrant groups from Hispanic America.

Argentina is considered a country of immigrants,[3] especially during the 20th century, but as a result of political, social and economic problems that hit the country in recent decades, many Argentines chose to emigrate, mainly to other countries in the Americas or countries where their parents and/or grandparents came from (mainly Spain and Italy).[4]



The ancestral origins of the Argentine nation show recent ancestors of generations predominantly as Spanish and Italian, but with strong German, British, French, Native American, Slavic and Semitic components. However, they faced very different legal circumstances that Spain and Italy had long before they joined the European Union migration policy, thousands of people a day come to the consulates of Spain to process the new nationality or obtain a visa; nevertheless, they are not the most numerous among Hispanic American immigrants in Europe.

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