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Arghistan is located in Afghanistan
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 31°34′0″N 66°30′0″E / 31.56667°N 66.50000°E / 31.56667; 66.50000Coordinates: 31°34′0″N 66°30′0″E / 31.56667°N 66.50000°E / 31.56667; 66.50000
Country  Afghanistan
Province Kandahar Province
District Arghistan District
Elevation 4,114 ft (1,254 m)
Time zone + 4.30

The village of Arghistan (also Arghestan or Arghastan) is the headquarters of Arghistan District in Kandahar Province of Afghanistan. It is located in the valley of Arghistan, near the Arghistan River, on 31°34′00″N 66°30′00″E / 31.5667°N 66.5000°E / 31.5667; 66.5000 at 1254 m altitude.

Arghistan Valley is where the famous Islamic scholar Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan's tribe (Al-Khoashki Al-Jamandi) live.

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