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Dikili coastline with Garip Island in the background

Garip Island is a small (88 acres) island off the coast of Dikili in İzmir Province, Turkey. It is one of the two small islands, together called the Garip Islands (Turkish: Garip Adaları), at the cut point of Dikili's Bademli Bay. Both islands face the Greek island of Lesbos.

In antiquity the islands were known as the Arginusae or Arginussae (Ancient Greek: Ἀργινούσ(σ)αι); they were the site of the Battle of Arginusae in 406 BC.

Offered for sale under a single title deed since 2006, the island was sold to a Turkish development group in 2010. There is as yet no construction on the island.

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Coordinates: 39°0′23″N 26°47′8″E / 39.00639°N 26.78556°E / 39.00639; 26.78556