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Argir and a part of Tórshavn
Argir and a part of Tórshavn
Argir is located in Denmark Faroe Islands
Location within the Faroe Islands
Coordinates: 61°58′48″N 6°45′0″W / 61.98000°N 6.75000°W / 61.98000; -6.75000Coordinates: 61°58′48″N 6°45′0″W / 61.98000°N 6.75000°W / 61.98000; -6.75000
State  Kingdom of Denmark
Constituent Country  Faroe Islands
Municipality Tórshavn Municipality
Population [1]
 • Total 1,996
ZIP code FO 160
Map showing the position of Argir on Streymoy

Argir (Danish: Arge) is a village in the Faroe Islands.

Argir most likely takes its name from Old Irish airge meaning summer pasture.; several placenames in Faroe carry the same name with this meaning. Once a village south of Tórshavn, Argir has grown and is now merged with Tórshavn. In 1997 it joined the municipality of Tórshavn.

In recent years more and more houses have been built in Argir and the village or quarter has grown high into the hills. The uppermost part of Argir is now so far away from Torshavn that a car is practically needed to be able to live there. In return the area offers a magnificent view over the sea and the capital.

There is a cosy boat harbour with boathouses in Argir. The church in Argir was built in 1974. From the 16th century there was a leprosy-hospital in Argir. Some paupers were living there as well. When the leprosy was eradicated in 1750 the hospital was turned into a workhouse for the poor.

Argir's football team is AB (Argja Bóltfelag), they currently (2014) play in the men's top division.

Argir has one of the largest rowing clubs of the Faroes, it is called Argja Róðrarfelag, their boats are red and have a dragon head in front of the boat.


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