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Argir and a part of Tórshavn
Argir and a part of Tórshavn
Argir is located in Denmark Faroe Islands
Location within the Faroe Islands
Coordinates: 61°58′48″N 6°45′0″W / 61.98000°N 6.75000°W / 61.98000; -6.75000Coordinates: 61°58′48″N 6°45′0″W / 61.98000°N 6.75000°W / 61.98000; -6.75000
State Kingdom of Denmark
Constituent Country Faroe Islands
MunicipalityTórshavn Municipality
 (January 1, 2017)[2]
 • Total2,105[1]
ZIP code
FO 160
Map showing the position of Argir on Streymoy

Argir (Danish: Arge) is a village in the Faroe Islands.

Argir most likely takes its name from Old Irish airge meaning summer pasture.; several placenames in Faroe carry the same name with this meaning. Once a village south of Tórshavn, Argir has grown and is now merged with Tórshavn. In 1997 it joined the municipality of Tórshavn.

In recent years[when?] more houses have been built in Argir and the village, or quarter, has grown upwards into the hills. This area has views over the sea and the capital.

There is a boat harbour with boathouses in Argir and a church which was built in 1974.

From the 16th century until 1750 there was a leprosy-hospital in Argir. Some paupers lived there too. When the hospital closed the building was turned into a workhouse for the poor.

Argir's football team is called AB (Argja Bóltfelag). Argir has a rowing club called Argja Róðrarfelag; its boats are red and have a dragon head on the prow.


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