Argis Kalamata

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Argis Kalamata
Full name Argis Cultural Athletic Union
Founded December 1994

Argis Cultural Athletic Union (Greek: Άργης, Πολιτιστική Αθλητική Ένωση Άργης, translit. Politistiki Athlitiki Enossi Argis) is an athletic club in Kalamata, Greece that was founded in 1994. Argis has four clubs: swimming, other swimming, volleyball, track and field and cycling, and intends to create a water polo club.


Argis was founded on December 1994 from a team of natural residential club in Messinia with the main experience in different clubs and the location for sports. Arges in which derived its name to the club was one of the three Cyclops, a mother of Gaia and a father of Uranus, mentioned by Hesiod in his Theogonia. The other two was Brontes and Steropes.

The club has an emblem featuring the crowned logo of Arges which includes from the two lightning bolts, one from Arges in which it could be the personal bolt, the title of the club and the founding in 1994. Its colors are blue, white and red. The area is at 12 Irodotou (Herodotus) Street. In the short-lived period which done its attempt to make two slogans: "Yes to life, Yes to sports" (Greek: ΝΑΙ ΣΤΗ ΖΩΗ, ΝΑΙ ΣΤΟΝ ΑΘΛΗΤΙΣΜΟ, translit. Nai sti zoi, nai ston athlitismo) and "Lifelong excersice" (Greek: ΔΙΑ ΒΙΟΥ ΑΣΚΗΣΗ, translit. Dia vioy askisi), gathering among young players and the oldest in player's age in the city of Kalamata.

From July 6, 2009, the president of the club is a former swimming player Aristidis Markopoulos, with a long time presence in sporting acts of Messinia other than the national grounds.


It was the first club that founded the council in which functions with the Kalamata Public Swimming Arena. In Argi features tens of swimmers and other swimmers from all ages in summer and winter events.

Famous distinction of the club was the elevation of national male and members of the national swimming team Theofanis Lambrou. These teams had its national record in the staff line of 4x100 and 4x200 children and players that had won over 60 medals in the national youth championships.


It was founded in 2002 with the first president Aristeidis Markopoulos

In 2005, it knew that the creation from one of the important athletic distinction for the city. It makes up of the player of the club Giannis Stefanou in which he was a national winner, he took third place in the world swimming championships.

The club has over ten national winners including men, women and youngsters: Vaso Tsasakou, Maria Lambrou, Tasia Tsakakou, Gina Baxivanaki, Niovi Baxivanaki, Ilias Dourdounas, Kostas Hadjiyiannis, Hristos Revas, Dimitris Kalogeropoulos, Tassos Kelessia, Giorgos Dourdounas, Aristidis Komolos, Giorgos Orfanos, Dimitris Lingris and several others.


The Arges volleyball club is from the first of the club. It founded first as a women's team and in 1997 it also became a men's team. Also these two teams plays in the Peloponnese Regional Championships for the whole year since its founding.

It functions as a foundation in boys and girls with success in the regional fields with players including Grigoris Kollias, Giorgos Nikolitseas in the men's team and Stella Lili in the women's team.

Track and field[edit]

The track and field was founded on December 2007, with the council with Alexis Christodoulou, a member of the track and field player and Panagiotis Lagopatis.


The club is a member of the cycling team that was founded in February 2009.

Water polo[edit]

The water polo club is at the founding stage.

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