Argon Zark!

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Argon Zark!
Author(s) Charley Parker
Current status / schedule Irregularly
Launch date June 1995

Argon Zark! is a webcomic, created by cartoonist and web site designer Charley Parker. The strip, drawn using a graphics tablet and computer graphics software, first appeared in June 1995. A collection, billed as a "Dead Tree Souvenir Edition", was published in 1997. The strip was last updated in September 2008.


Argon Zark! is about a hacker who has created a new Internet protocol, named "Personal Transport Protocol" or "PTP", which enables the physical transport of people or objects through the Internet. On his first test of the new protocol, he is joined by his "Personal Digital Assistant" Cybert, and a delivery girl named Zeta Fairlight who is accidentally caught in the action when Argon and Cybert enter the computer and the World Wide Web.



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