Argos Orestiko

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Argos Orestiko
Άργος Ορεστικό
Argos Orestiko
Argos Orestiko
Argos Orestiko is located in Greece
Argos Orestiko
Argos Orestiko
Coordinates: 40°27′N 21°15′E / 40.450°N 21.250°E / 40.450; 21.250Coordinates: 40°27′N 21°15′E / 40.450°N 21.250°E / 40.450; 21.250
Country Greece
Administrative region West Macedonia
Regional unit Kastoria
Municipality Orestida
Population (2001)[1]
 • Municipal unit 9,918
 • Population 7560
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Vehicle registration KT

Argos Orestiko (Greek: Άργος Ορεστικό) is a town and a former municipality in the Kastoria regional unit, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Orestida, of which it is the seat and a municipal unit.[2]

Argos Orestikon has been etsblished in prehistoric times by Orestes, the son of Agamemnon, known from the Trojan War, as he was the head of the Greeks. Argos Orestikon was the center of Orestes Macedonians, the rulers of which they believed came from the eponymous Peloponnesian town. According to tradition it was named by Orestes, who after the murder of his father Agamemnon fled the area. The word Argos is Pelasgian origin and occurs in many areas of Greece. The Orestikon Argos was the capital of ancient Orestides, a province of Upper Macedonia. Based on archaeological evidence, all now researchers strongly identify the town with the remains preserved at "Armenochori ', located very close to the current homonymous town. During the campaign of Alexander the Great to the East, settlers from the town founded another Argos Orestikon to distant Scythian steppes during the 4th century BCE.

In Argos Orestiko is located the national airport of Kastoria 'Aristotelis'

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