Argosstadion Achter de Kazerne

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Argosstadion Achter de Kazerne
Achter de Kazerne
Full name Argosstadion Achter de Kazerne
Location Kleine Nieuwedijk 53,[1] Mechelen, Belgium
Capacity 13,213
KV Mechelen

The Argosstadion Achter de Kazerne is a football stadium in Mechelen, Belgium. It is used for football matches and is the home ground of Y.R. K.V. Mechelen. The stadium holds 13,213. The stadium is called Achter de Kazerne, which means the same as 'Behind army Barracks'. It is called this way because one time the stadium was located behind an army base. Years have gone by and the army base has disappeared but over time people kept calling it Achter de Kazerne. It is called 'Argosstadion' now because Argos Oil is KV Mechelen's sponsor and they pay to call the stadium like that. Through the history of KV Mechelen, this stadium has always been their property, until a few years ago when KV got into financial trouble.

Coordinates: 51°02′14″N 4°29′11″E / 51.037184°N 4.486397°E / 51.037184; 4.486397