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Argus #1, artist Phil Hester
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Flash Annual (vol. 2) #6 (1993)
Created by Mark Waid (writer)
Phil Hester (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Nick Kelly
Team affiliations FBI
Blood Pack
Notable aliases Nick Kovac
Abilities Invisibility, enhanced vision, enhanced strength and reflexes, accelerated healing.

Argus is a fictional superhero published by DC Comics. He first appeared during the Bloodlines crossover event in Flash Annual v2, #6 (1993), and was created by Mark Waid and Phil Hester.[1]

Fictional character biography[edit]

Whilst investigating one of Keystone City's criminal organisations using the alias "Nick Kovac", federal agent Nick Kelly was attacked by a Bloodlines Parasite named Venev. Kelly gained the ability to become totally invisible in shadow and to see far beyond the normal spectrum in microwaves and infrared.

He later works with the Flash when Central City is attacked by weapons satellites. He would work with the Blood Pack, a team of superheroes formed out of the survivors of the alien attacks.

During the Infinite Crisis, a worldwide supervillain breakout occurs, part of a long-term plan. Argus, working alongside other heroes such as Vixen, does his part by subduing the Mad Hatter.

In JSA Classified #19 (January 2007), Argus is revealed to be a patient in a S.T.A.R. Labs facility, left blind and powerless after having his eyes removed. The culprit is initially identified by Doctor Mid-Nite as a resurfaced Ultra-Humanite, but it later turns out to have been done at the behest of the long-thought-dead actress Delores Winters, now calling herself Endless Winter. Part two of "Skin Trade" (JSA Classified #20) has Doctor Mid-Nite retrieving Argus' eyes from an actor named Billy, seemingly leaving him blind. The eyes are returned as the wounded hero awaits re-attachment surgery. Dr. Mid-Nite believes that Argus's healing factor (which previously allowed him to grow new eyes) will help Argus make a full recovery.[1]

Argus appears in Faces of Evil: Prometheus #1 and fights the titular villain. He is shown to be the leader of a new version of the Blood Pack. This team includes Hook, Anima and Gunfire. Hook and Anima are killed by two different claimaints to the name Prometheus. The real one chops off Gunfire's hands.[2]

Powers and abilities[edit]

After being bitten by the Bloodlines Parasite, Argus' body underwent a mutagenic process that endowed him with several superpowers. He can become invisible in shadows, and can see beyond the visible light spectrum into the infrared and ultraviolet. Argus' strength level and reflexes have been increased beyond those of a normal human being. Argus also has a rapid healing factor, to the point where he was able to regrow his eyes when they were gouged out.


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