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Argus is the Latinized form of the Ancient Greek word Argos. It may refer to:

Greek mythology[edit]




  • CP-107 Argus, a Royal Canadian Air Force maritime patrol aircraft
  • HMS Argus, the name of many ships in the British Royal Navy
  • RFA Argus (A135), a 1981 Primary Casualty Receiving Ship in Britain's Royal Fleet Auxiliary
  • USS Argus, various ships of the United States Navy
  • The French brig Argus (1800), a French naval ship that took part in the Battle of Trafalgar
  • Fairchild Argus, a British version of the C-61 Forwarder light military transport aircraft


See The Argus (disambiguation) for publications named "The Argus"


  • Argus (bird), pheasants from the genera Argusianus and Rheinartia
  • Argus butterflies, including:
    • Nymphalidae, e.g., Erebia, Junonia
    • Polyommatinae (Lycaenidae), e.g., as Aricia, Plebeius, Polyommatus
    • Theclinae (Lycaenidae): the invalid genus Argus (described by Gerhard, 1850), now in Satyrium
  • Argus monitor (Varanus panoptes), a species of lizard
  • Terebra argus, a mollusk of family Terebridae

Other uses[edit]

  • Argus, Iran, a village in Kerman Province, Iran
  • Argus Corporation, a Canadian holding company once controlled by Conrad Black
  • ARGUS distribution, a probability distribution used in particle physics
  • Argus Media Ltd, a business information company
  • Argus Range, a mountain range in Inyo County, California
  • Cape Argus Cycle Race, a major cycling event in South Africa, colloquially referred to as "The Argus"
  • Operation Argus, a 1958 US military effort to create orbital electron belts using atomic bombs
  • Argus finals system, a set of tournament systems used in Australian rules football finals series in the early 20th century
  • Argus Brewery, a brewing company located in the historic Pullman District in Chicago, Illinois
  • Argos (retailer), a British catalogue retailer
  • SS Argus, a steel hulled ship lost in the Great Lakes Storm of 1913
  • Argus Car Hire, a well-recognised brand in the car rental industry
  • Argus, a special character of Mobile Legend Bang Bang. Most powerful than other heros(2017)


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