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King of Huahine
King of Huahine and Maia'o
Reign 18 March 1852 – 26 June 1868
Predecessor Teriitaria II
Successor Queen Teha'apapa II
Born 1824
Téfareri'i, Huahine
Died 14 April 1874(1874-04-14) (aged 49-50)
Téfareri'i, Huahine
Burial Téfareri'i, Huahiné
Spouse Tehaapapa II
Issue Teuhe
Princess Tapiria
Marama Teururai
Princess Vaira'atoa
King Tamatoa VI
Prince Téri'itéporouarai
Prince Fatino
Princess Turaiari'i
Princess Téri'inavahoro'a
Princess Téfa'aora
Full name
Te-uru-ra'i Ari'i-mate
House House of Teururai
Father The Hon. Chief Ta'aroa-ri'i of Huahine
Mother Té-mata-fainu'u vahine

King Ari'imate Teurura'i (1824 – 14 April 1874) was a member and founder of a Polynesian royal family (House of Teurura'i) which reigned on the Tahitian island of Huahine and Mai'ao during the 19th century. In Tahitian, his name translate as "sovereign-demised" and "the-sky-forest" respectively.[1]

He was installed as king of Huahine in 1852 until his deposition in 1868.[2]


Ari'imate Teururai was born at Huahine in 1824. He was the second child and only son of Chief Ta'aroa Ari'i and Té-mata-fainu'u vahine.[3] He was the paternal grandson of Mahine Tehei'ura, who reigned as King of Huahine from 1810 to 1815 but abdicated in favor of his niece Teri'itaria II instead of his own son. In his early years, he ruled as the chief of Téfaréri'i.

Founder of the Teururai dynasty[edit]

In the beginning of the 1850 year, a civil war deposed Teriitari'a II. The main dignitaries chose him to be king and that is why he assumed the sovereignty, 18 March 1852. He was installed as king of Huahine in 1852. His crowning took place on March 18, 1852. He took the reign name of Teurura'i.

Twenty year later, a new civil war deposed him in favour of his wife.

Marriage and children[edit]

His second daughter Princess Tapiria Teururai who married Ari'ipeu a Hiro

He married in 1840 Princess Maerehia Tamatoa, heiress presumptive to her father King Tamatoa IV of Ra'iatea and Taha'a, and had twelve children:

  • Princess Témari'i Teururai (1848–1891), Queen of Huahine.
  • Princess Tapiria Teururai (1850–1888).
  • Crown Prince Marama Teururai (1851–1909), Head of the royal family of Huahine and father of Teha'apapa III.
  • Princess Vai-ra'a-toa Teururai, she had issue.
  • Prince Ari'imate Teururai (1853–1907), or Tamatoa VI, last king of Rai'atea.
  • Prince Téri'i-té-po-rou-ara'i Teururai (1857–1899), his family established in Tahiti.
  • Prince Fatino Marae-ta'ata Teururai (1859–1884), he had eight children.
  • Princess Tu-rai-ari'i Teururai (1862-?), she had two children through an irregular union.
  • Princess Téri'i-na-va-ho-ro'a Teururai (1863–1918), she had eleven children.
  • Princess Té-fa'a-ora Teururai (1868–1928), she had two daughters.

Their children remain member to the royal family of the former kingdom of Huahine-Maia'o and Raiatea-Taha'a since the end of the monarchy.

Ari'imate died at Huahine on 14 April 1874.

Titles, styles, honours and arms[edit]

  • 1824 - 18 March 1852 The Hon. Ari'imate Teurura'i, head of the chiefdom of Tefareri'i.
  • 18 March 1852 - 26 June 1868 His Majesty The King of Huahine and Maia'o.

Deposed in 1868 and deprived from his royal titles

  • 26 June 1868 - 14 April 1874 His Majesty King Ari'imate Teurura'i.


Born: 1824 Died: 1874
Preceded by
Teritaria II
King of Huahine
Succeeded by
Teha'apapa II

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