Aria Maestosa

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Aria Maestosa
Stable release
1.4.12 / April 29, 2016; 12 months ago (2016-04-29)[1]
Written in C++, wxWidgets
Operating system Linux, Windows, OS X
Available in Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Czech, English, Russian, Spanish, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese
Type Scorewriter, Music sequencer
License GNU General Public License 2

Aria Maestosa is a free MIDI editor and sequencer for Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It is written in C++, uses the wxWidgets and released under the GNU General Public License version 2.


Aria Maestosa lets to edit and play midi files with user-friendly interface. The main features of that midi sequencer are: [2]

  • Multitrack display
  • Several edition modes: score, piano-roll, guitar tablature and drums editor
  • MIDI files import/export
  • Possibility of changing tempo in the process
  • Export to aiff
  • Possibility of working with multiple projects

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