Ariamaru Tomi

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"Ariamaru Tomi"
The neck and shoulders of a woman, tinted pink. A clear necklace has been digitally added to her.
Single by Shiina Ringo
from the album Hi Izuru Tokoro
Released May 27, 2009
Format CD Single, digital download
Length 10:09 minutes
Label EMI Music Japan / Virgin Music
Writer(s) Shiina Ringo, Tomotaka Imamichi, Jazztronik
Producer(s) Uni Inoue
Shiina Ringo singles chronology
"Kono Yo no Kagiri"
"Ariamaru Tomi"

"Ariamaru Tomi" (ありあまる富, The Invaluable?)[1] was Japanese singer Shiina Ringo's first single as a solo artist in five years. It was released on May 27, 2009, the same day her debut single was released eleven years earlier. The distributor is EMI Music Japan / Virgin Music.


The single was her first in two and a half years as Ringo Shiina, and her first single in five years as a solo artist. "Ariamaru Tomi" is the theme song of the TV drama Smile of the TBS. Shiina wrote this song for the request from the drama director. It was the first time that she had performed for a TV drama as a solo singer.

"Ariamaru Tomi" is not contained in Shiina's 4th studio album Sanmon Gossip released on June 24, 2009. However, "SG~Superficial Gossip~" is contained in the vinyl record Saturday Night Gossip (released on August 26, 2009) and "Ariamaru Tomi" was eventually released in her album Hi Izuru Tokoro (released November 5, 2014).

The song was performed live by Sheena as a part of her band Tokyo Jihen at their appearance at the Countdown Japan festival in 2009, and during the band's Ultra C tour in 2010.[2]

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Ringo Shiina; all music composed by Ringo Shiina and additional music by Tomotaka Imamichi. #1 arranged by Tomotaka Imamichi, #2 arranged by Ryota Nozaki/Jazztronik.

No. Title Length
1. "Ariamaru Tomi (ありあまる富, The Invaluable?)[1]" 5:41
2. "SG~Superficial Gossip~" 4:21
Total length: 10:01

Chart rankings[edit]

Charts (2009) Peak
Japan Billboard Adult Contemporary Airplay[3] 14
Japan Billboard Japan Hot 100[4] 5
Japan Oricon weekly singles[5] 3
Japan RIAJ Digital Track Chart[6] 7
Taiwan G-Music East Asian Releases[7] 13

Sales and certifications[edit]

Chart Amount
Oricon physical sales[8] 75,000
RIAJ physical certification[9] Gold (100,000)
RIAJ cellphone download certification[10] Gold (100,000)
RIAJ PC download certification[11] Gold (100,000)


Personnel details were sourced from "Ariamaru Tomi"'s liner notes booklet.[12]

Performers and musicians

  • Kenta Arai – bass guitar (#1)
  • Tomotaka Imamichi – guitars (#1)
  • Naoto Strings – strings (#2)
  • Noriyasu "Kāsuke" Kawamura – drums (#1)
  • Ryota Nozaki (Jazztronik) – all other instruments (#2)
  • Ringo Sheena – vocals
  • Suginami Junior Chorus – chorus (#1)

Technical and production

  • Ryota Nozaki (Jazztronik) – string arrangement (#2)
  • Ringo Sheena – arrangement, songwriting


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