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For the American-based Afghan television channel, see Ariana Afghanistan

Ariana TV
Ariana television logo.png
Launched 17 August 2005
Owned by Ehsan Bayat
Picture format SDTV
Audience share 15% as of July 2010
Slogan A Window For Better Tomorrow
Country Afghanistan
Headquarters Kabul

Ariana TV, officially shortened as ATN, is a private television network based in Kabul, Afghanistan, that was launched on 17 August 2005. Ariana TV is owned by an Afghan-American called Ehsanullah Bayat, who also owns AWCC (Afghan Wireless Communication Company). It is the third most popular channel in Afghanistan. They also have headquarters in Dubai and New Jersey.


Viewers can call in live and talk to on-air presenters or request songs to be played on the network on a show called Entekhāb-e Bīnendahā, which means "viewer's choice" in Dari Persian. Other music programs include Setārahā-ye Rangīn ("Coloured stars"). Another programme which was very popular nationally in Afghanistan was a cooking competition show called "59 Dakikah" (which translates to "59 Minutes"). In this show, two rival cooks have exactly 59 minutes to cook a three part course for the judges. Every week, a unique ingredient would be provided, and the meals had to be based around it. The prize was the title of " The Golden Chef", awarded to the winner after the scores had been given by the usually celebrity judges. On many occasions, the chefs would be an Afghan and a foreigner, such as a soldier from the American or British base. It's gained a huge popularity and very much liked by viewers.

Current shows[edit]

  • Maraa Babakhsh

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