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Puello performing in Madrid.

Arianna Puello or Ari (Arianna Isabel Puello Pereyra) (born 16 January 1977 in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic) is a Spanish rapper of Dominican origin. Her single "Juana Kalamidad" reached number six on the Spanish Singles Chart.[1]

She lived in Dominican Republic before moving to Salt, Girona (Girona, Catalonia, Spain) when she was 8 years old. She started out in the world of hip hop in 1993 when she recorded a song with a friend, and later joined a band with Bano known as N.O.Del KRIB (Nacidos Originalmente del Karibe). After they split up, she joined another band, Discípulos del Micro, but she had her first hit with a collaboration on El Meswy's first album, Mujer chunga. In 1998, she released her first solo album, El tentempié .




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