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Ariano Mário Fernandes Fonsêca (João Pessoa, April 28, 1963), better known as Ariano Fernandes is a political Brazil ian. He is great-nephew of the former governor of Paraíba, former mayor of Mamanguape, a former state representative and president of ALPB(Legislative Assembly of Paraíba) José Fernandes de Lima. Ariano is married to a lawyer Anna Carolina, with whom he has three children: Ariano Filho, Marianna and Gabriel. He was affiliated with PSDB in his career and was four times State Representative.

Ariano is also the founder of Radio Potiguara (today Maná Radio), the first radio Mamanguape.

Political career[edit]

  • 1988: vice-mayor of the plate PMDB, mayor of Mamanguape, next to the Birth of Guilherme do Nascimento Soares, losing, got 8.054 votes against 8.409 votes of Aecio Flàvio Fernandes and Eunice Maria Nascimento Pessoa.
  • 1992: candidate mayor of Mamanguape by PMDB, as vice Nemesio Meireles (PMDB) (in memory), better known as Biba, lost, got 9092 votes against, 9384 Birth of Guilherme do Nascimento Soares (PDS), and 418 Irene Lira Aguiar (PT).
  • 1992: was superintendent of the SAF (Foundation for Student Assistance) of PB.
  • 2005: change of party, the PMDB for the PSDB, for problems with the then Senator Jose Maranhao.
  • 2006: candidate dep. state at this time PSDB, getting 18,713 votes (as is third alternate).
  • 2008: He takes the place of state representative, Mr Dinaldo Wanderley, because it graduated, to run for mayor of Patos.
  • 2009: Because of the impeachment of former Governor Cassio Cunha Lima (Cassado by TSE, the case FAC), leaves the Assembly.