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Industry Networking, Communications, Software Engineering
Founded 1991 (as Hughes Software Systems)
Headquarters Redwood City, California, US
Key people
Frank Kern (CEO & Board Member)
Products Design Services, R&D Services, Communications software, Networking software, Data Communications software, Multimedia software, Mobile software, Billing Mediation Software, Multimedia Codecs
Number of employees
12000 [1]
Slogan Communication Powers the World, Aricent Powers Communications

Aricent is a pure-play product engineering service and software firm. It develops software, provides technology services, and works with networking, telecom, software, semiconductor, Internet, and industrial companies.[2] Aricent is headquartered in Redwood City, California, with operations in 9 countries worldwide;[3] investors are KKR & Co. L.P. and Sequoia Capital.[4] The company claims to employ 7,800 consultants, designers, and engineers at over 10 locations worldwide.


Aricent is the successor to Hughes Software Systems, which was established in 1991, a subsidiary to Hughes Electronics. (KKR),[5] and Sequoia Capital.[6][7]

  • 1991: Established as Hughes Software Systems (HSS) in New Delhi developing software solutions in the areas of VSAT-based networks for voice and data, cellular wireless telephony, packet switching, and multi-protocol routing.

[8] It acquired frog design for approximately $25 million.[9]

  • 2005: Expanded development operations in Kiev, Kherson and Vinnytsia in the Ukraine; Randburg, South Africa; and Beijing, China. Was delisted from India's stock market in preparation for sale.
  • 2006: Was acquired by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Sequoia Capital as part of a $900 million sales of software companies.[10] The transaction represented the largest private equity buy-out in Indian history.[11]
  • 2007: Acquired Datalinx; launched service provider offerings.[12]
  • 2008: The Family Office, a multi-family office company with headquarters in Bahrain also joined in funding Aricent.[13]
  • 2011: Rebranded to Aricent Group.[14]
  • 2011: Opened engineering and development center for testing and wireless technologies in Vietnam[15]
  • 2013: Rebranded to Aricent.
  • 2015: Acquired SmartPlay Technologies, a semiconductor service based firm for $180 million. As part of the deal, SmartPlay’s 1,200-plus staff will join Aricent’s staff.

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