Arieh O'Sullivan

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Arieh O'Sullivan
Born (1961-03-22) March 22, 1961 (age 56)

 United States

Occupation Journalist, Author, Soldier
Notable credit(s) The Media Line Editor (2009-present)
Jerusalem Post Defense Correspondent (1996-2006)
Associated Press Foreign Correspondent (1989-1996)

Arieh O'Sullivan (Hebrew: אריה אוסליבן‎‎; born March 22, 1961) is an author, journalist and an award-winning defense correspondent[1] who has covered Israel and the Middle East for over two decades.[2] He currently serves as an anchor and reporter at Israel Television's IBA English News.[3][4][5] Arieh O’Sullivan was raised in Louisiana and Mississippi[6] and moved to Israel in 1981. He served as a paratrooper in the 1982 Lebanon War[7] and was discharged in 2008 from the reserves, where he had served as a liaison officer with the Jordanian, Egyptian and other foreign militaries. In 2012 he was inducted into the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Biloxi, Mississippi.[8]

He has a BA in Mass Communications from the University of Minnesota.[9]

He is a founding member of the ecological village of Srigim[10] in the Elah Valley in central Israel . He is an avid paraglider[11][12] and grows olives for oil.[6] He currently lives in an Ottoman-era castle in Agur.[13]

Media career[edit]

Before joining The Jerusalem Post, O'Sullivan worked for seven years as a correspondent for The Associated Press based in Jerusalem and covered the peace processes, the Gulf War in 1991, Palestinian unrest, the Rabin assassination, immigration from Ethiopia as well as the civil war in Rwanda.[9] He was a Knight Journalism fellow at Stanford University in 2002–2003.[14] He was a Hoover Media Fellow at Stanford University in 2012.[15]

O'Sullivan also served as Director of Communications for the Anti-Defamation League's Israel office from 2006 to 2008.[9][16]

He was the bureau chief of The Media Line, a non-profit American news agency covering the Middle East.[9] He is best known for his former role as a defense correspondent and analyst for The Jerusalem Post, the Middle East's leading English-language daily,[17] where he worked for over 10 years.[18] He appears as a guest commentator on a variety of world radio and television news programs and has reported from the Palestinian territories, Rwanda, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Turkey, and China.[17]


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