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Hebrew: [aʁiˈ(ʔ)el]
Spanish: [aˈɾjel]
GenderUnisex (Originally Male)
Word/nameAncient Israel
MeaningLion of God
Region of originAncient Israel
Other names
Alternative spellingAriël, Ariella, Arielle (American/French amalgamation)
Variant form(s)Ari, Asadullah

Ariel is a given name from Biblical Hebrew אריאל Ariel that literally means "lion of God," although some have supposed it to be derived from the Arabic ארי 'ărı̂y, meaning fire hearth [1] The female form is אריאלה (transliterated as Ariela, Ariella, or the American modernized Arielle). In modern Hebrew, Ariel is primarily used as a male name. However, in recent years in English-speaking countries, it has been more commonly used as a female name. An alternative English and French spelling is Arielle. It also appears as a surname.

Common short forms of Ariel are Ari and Arik for boys (primarily in Hebrew-speaking areas) and Arie, Elle, and Ella for girls (primarily in English and French-speaking areas).

List of people with the given name Ariel[edit]

In fiction

List of people with the surname Ariel[edit]

  • Gideon Ariel (born 1939), Israeli former Olympian in the shot put and discus throw

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