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ARIEL エリアル
Genre Comedy, Science fiction
Light novel
Written by Yūichi Sasamoto
Illustrated by Masahisa Suzuki
Published by Asahi Sonorama
Imprint Sonorama Bunko
Magazine Shishiō
Original run 1986February 2006
Volumes 20 + 2 side stories
Original video animation
ARIEL Visual
Directed by Junichi Watanabe
Studio Animate, J.C.Staff
Licensed by
Released July 21, 1989August 21, 1989
Runtime 30 minutes (each)
Episodes 2
Original video animation
ARIEL Deluxe
Directed by Junichi Watanabe
Studio Animate, J.C.Staff
Licensed by
Released January 21, 1991April 21, 1991
Runtime 45 minutes (each)
Episodes 2
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ARIEL (エリアル, Eriaru) (which stands for "All a-Round Intercept and Escort Lady") is a mecha anime OVA series. ARIEL is also known as The ARIEL Project. It was released in the United States by Central Park Media in 2003.[1]


Dr. Kishida: a mad scientist from SCEBAI who builds ARIEL and persuades his granddaughters and niece to pilot against Alien invaders.

Aya Kawaii: Dr. Kishida's niece, who is enrolled in college and persuaded to pilot it if her Uncle pays her tuition.

Mia Kishida: a high school student who would rather be studying for her exams than fighting aliens; Dr. Kishida's granddaughter.

Kazumi Kishida: a middle school student who wants to please her grandfather, and really likes piloting ARIEL.

Saber Starblast: a mysterious alien vigilante who helps ARIEL combat the invading Aliens.

Miss Simone:Albert's dreaded accounting Department Head, sent to personally oversee his overspending.


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