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Ariel Fenster (born April 18, 1943 in Bergerac, France) is science promoter and lecturer in chemistry at McGill University and a founding member of the Office for Science and Society (OSS). He holds a master's degree from the University of Paris and a Ph.D from McGill University. Ariel Fenster lectures extensively (more than 1000 presentations over the last three decades) in both French and English on topics of health, the environment and technology. He is a frequent presenter on television and radio on science-related subjects. Recently he was seen in French on Radio-Canada's popular daily health show "37,5" and in English on the "Discovery" science show "What's that all about?"

At McGill University he teaches the popular "World of Chemistry" series of courses alongside his colleagues Joe Schwarcz and David Harpp. The courses (Food, Technology, Environment, and Drugs) are accessible online on Cool.

Fenster has won numerous awards for his contribution to the teaching and the promotion of science. Among them are the 1989 "Catalyst Award for Excellence in Chemistry Teaching" by the United States Chemical Manufacturers Association, the 1992 inaugural "McNeil Medal for the Public Awareness of Science" from the Royal Society of Canada, the 1999 Raymond Gervais Award for Exceptional Contribution to Science Education given by the Quebec Association of Science Teachers, and the 2005 Michael Smith Award for the Promotion of Science by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada. He currently resides in Montreal, with his wife of 40 years Ann-Marie and his two children Erik and Michaël, both of whom have pursued Ph.D.'s in chemistry like their father.

Dr. Fenster formerly taught at both Dawson College (CEGEP) and Vanier College in Montreal, Quebec.